CANE 2014- Different Looks at Different Books

Different Looks at Different Books II: We finished the grammar, but what comes next?

Athenaze Book 1
A Reading Course in Homeric Greek
Ancient Greek Alive
Bristol Classical Commentary, Odyssey Book 9

AP Alternatives:

TJ-choice units for IV/V- many genres and periods (Harry Potter, medieval Latin [Brendan, Bayeux tapestry, Geoffrey of Monmouth)

A different approach to authors:
Using Copernicus, Holbergius (inspiration for Jules Verne), Petrus Maffeus (Japan) to teach about the subjunctive. Teaching Classical authors after the medieval.
Laudatio Turiae in Latin III- read whole in English, pick sections in Latin to be read.
Cicero to Res Gestae to Petronius to Pliny to Cupid and Psyche
Latin IV- mythology- Cupid and Psyche, Ovid. No textbook; looks at text himself and chooses passages, text from Latin Library and other sources. Teach students about apparatus criticus. Read whole in English, focus on an aspect of Latin, project/product as result.

AES + F Cena Trimalchionis

– quizzes using texts as a source of quotes.

Copyright Slider

– link to riddle culture in Germany, writing riddles in Latin, solving riddles in Latin.

Choosing passages- based on a theme, chronology, what resonates with kids, what resonates with you.

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